Trump Commemorative Custom Ammo Can

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The PERFECT item for Trumpers. ONE-of-a-KIND Collectors Custom Ammo Can featuring the commemorative date of Donald J. Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States. 

Each can is an authentic US government issued ammo can made for and used by the US military - then - refurbished by a Combat Wounded Veteran and professionally powder coated and UV Printed.

30 CAL (L 11″ x W 3.75″  x H 7.00") - 4.0 lbs (4.5 lbs with packaging)
50 CAL (L 11.75" x  W 6" x  H 7.20") - 5.0 lbs (5.5 lbs with packaging)

Includes a Red Paracord wrapped handle for comfort carrying and felt pads on the bottom to protect surfaces.

This ammo box is complete with extra texture for an embellished look. 

100% Made in the USA. Shipped from USA.

Ships in 2 days. Receive in 5-7 days. 

NOTE: Different image on front and back of can,

Ammo Can Features:
- 100% Made in the United States.
- Red Paracord Handle Wrap for comfortable carrying
- Felt Pads - protects furniture and vehicle surfaces
- Solid steel construction
- Rubber seal for water-tight and air-tight storage
- Fireproof, so it’s safe storage.
- Collapsible handle wrapped with paracord for a great look and comfort carry.
- Easy to lock – clamp down closure. So all you need is a simple but solid pad lock.
- Removable lid.

Proudly use Your Custom Ammo Can for: 
- Safe and Secure Gun Storage – easy to lock – government compliant for most states.
- Safe and secure storage for Keepsakes and Important Documents – easy to lock with a simple pad lock.
- Hunting, Camping and/or Boating Supply storage – keep supplies clean and dry.
- As a piece of art – the felt pads on the bottom will protect the furniture.
- First Aid or Emergency Kit – keep it in the car, home or boat.
- Tool or Tackle Box.
- A Secret Stash Can – keep the smell in the box.
- And what it was originally created for … ammunition.