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We're fighting for the most important thing - Freedom!

Globalist agendas have been disrupted thanks to the anti-establishment political election of business mogul and patriot Donald J. Trump. Only Americas free world and constitutional republic stands in the way of the New World Order agenda, that has been rolling out for decades. The fight is fierce and daily. Spiritual darkness is manifesting in the physical world and the light of truth is the only thing that can stop it.

Dark to light.

We the people continue to make our voices heard. Censorship, suppression and bullying from the left towards conservatives is on the rise both online and offline. China's global interference grows and unchecked universities are brainwashing our youth, while erasing history and removing our monuments. As sickness spreads, truthers are waking up, exposing globalist ideology in the light of truth ...


The time to fight for our freedom is NOW, Patriots! On our knees in prayer and flag in hand we stand, charging forward and fighting back by spreading truth to those who seek it, on a platform where they can find it!

Help us spread hope, by spreading truth.

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